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‘Sheila’ now Turns a ‘Uni’ Ambassador

News Mar 15, 2012 No comments

Sizzling actress Katrina Kaifis on her high these days.

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif

After the celebrated recognition from the item number she did in Farah Khan’s ‘Tees Maar Khan’, she hasn’t turned back and seen for more popularity. Adding to her happiness is the new venture she is engaged with. Uni Ball Pens have declared sensational Kat it new brand ambassador. Recently she has signed a contract with Linc Pen and Plastics Ltd which markets Uni-ball ball pens, manufactured by Mitsubishi Pencil Co of Japan.

Extremely delighted to confirm the news Kat spoke to the media personals and said, “I am excited about being the face of a youthful, high-quality international brand like Uni-ball which I have personally grown up with in UK.” Further appreciating the pen she said, “I particularly love Uni Jetstream, which I think, is the smoothest pen in the world.” Katrina will also join the launch of a multi-media campaign that will feature her for Uni Ball Pen’s promotion.

Deepak Jalan, Managing Director, Linc Pen & Plastics Ltd, said, “The decision to take Katrina as Uni-ball brand ambassador is based on the fact that she has a great connect with the urban youth of our country, which is basically where our brand focus is.” His excitement was evident when he said, “For a pen that is largely aimed at college students and young working professionals, Katrina will definitely infuse fresh energy and vivaciousness.”

This is not for the first time that this Bollywood diva would be endorsing any brand. Earlier also she has been seen promoting Pantene, Lux, Olay, Nakshatra, Spice Telecom, Pantene, Godrej Renew, Slice Aamsutra, Veet etc. No wonder she is the queen of Bollywood and goddess of ad-world. Representing 12 leading brands in India and overseas, Katrina is undoubtedly the top female brand ambassador.


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